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199026, Russia, St.Petersburg, Yahtennaya st., house 33
tel./fax:(812) 321-5457, (812) 321-5458
tel./fax:(812) 325-3809, (812) 325-3810

e-mail: info@sdspb.ru
web-site: www.sdspb.ru

Group of companies «Spetszashchita»

Group of companies «Spetszashchita» includes:

Security guard company «Spetszashchita»

Security guard company «Spetszashchita-3», that works with fire safety systems.

«Spetszashchita-Tekhnik» company that equips clients with technical safety systems.

«Spetszashchita» is a group of companies that provide their clients with a number of security services. The group features:

Subdivisions of licensed security guards.

Groups of professional body-guards.
Armed guard for escort and transportation of valuables.

Unified control point.

Mobile groups located in all regions of the city; people in mobile groups are equipped with communication facilities, personal safety means and fire-arms.

Central security point equipped with modern security and monitoring complexes.

Personal cars including armored vehicles.

Services of design, assembling and operation of different technical security systems.

Information and analytical service.

Providing order during mass events, such as mass rallies, meetings, concerts.

Specialists of the group «Spetszashchita» provide the following:

develop the conception of security and protection of your object (building, flat);

examine you object (building, flat) featuring optical fiber and digital lines of communication and install the means of security, fire and alarm signaling connected to the central security point;

prepare the project, install and provide warranty and technical support for the security, fire and alarm signaling systems, video control and systems of controlling the access to buildings;

mobile groups located in all regions of the city and equipped with communication facilities, personal safety means and fire-arms drive out to your objects (buildings, flats) after the alarm signal;

connect you to the police office and governmental institutions through the group subdivision on duty on a twenty-four-hour basis.We begin to cooperate with our clients by developing a security conception together. Depending on the individual features of the object we offer various security types from physical security with controlling performance of duties by the company personnel to a centralized monitoring of the object and driving out of the armed mobile groups after the alarm signal.

We also provide our clients with consulting services regarding lawful protection from unlawful claims of the third persons.Governmental bodies, representative offices of foreign companies in St.Petersburg, large industry enterprises, as well as small-scale business representatives and individual persons entrust us their safety.

To provide security on the highest professional level is our motto.

Our current clients book includes, among others:

PresidentТs Academy of State Services

Adm. Makarov Marine Academy

Marine College

SWTP Construction OY (Finland)

Brokar SpB (Germany)

CSS St. Petersburg (Ireland)

AOP Partek (Finland)

Schetelig (Finland)

UIT Peter (Finland)

Tool Mechanical Plant

Pension Fund of Russia

Crazy Fruits, Joint fruit machine halls

Ernst &Young Ltd., representative in St.-Petersburg

Bulthaup Center (Germany)

UTG Company

Central naval museum

A chain of restaurants «Sbarro»

BOTNIA (Finland)

Potel & Chabot (France)

Air France, representative in St.-Petersburg

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